SEO Advice


There are many so called ‘SEO Companies’ out there claiming to be specialists or experts in Search Engine Optimisation. Unfortunately, many of these are cowboy outfits, so please make sure you are aware of the following points before you commit to a SEO services package and for the sake of your business, make sure you choose a team of top SEO consultants:

  • Look at the companies pricing structure. If the prices look ‘too good to be true’, then they probably are. Any top SEO expert will tell you that there is a lot of time, effort and research put into optimising a website, and a company claiming to do this at a ridiculously low cost are more than likely not doing it correctly, resulting in a very limited return on your investment at best.

  • Ask the company when you should expect to see results. Anyone claiming to get you visible results in organic searches within 24 hours are promising the impossible. The only way to get instant results is by using non-organic techniques such as ‘pay-per-click’ advertising or Google ‘Adwords’. This approach is an extremely expensive, short-term option that will NOT increase your page-rank in Google.WebSeoGuru SEO Services will ONLY work on increasing your website’s performance in the organic search results.

  • If the ‘SEO specialist’ you are talking to can’t explain in what they will actually be doing to your website, be very wary. If you come across an SEO company who tries to confuse you with technical jargon or tells you that ‘it’s too complicated to explain’, run the other way. A WebSeoGuru SEO Consultant will have a detailed plan of action for you, which will be determined by the results of your website analysis and health check.

  • Do not pay for a ‘website analysis’, ‘health check’ or ‘keyword research’. This information is easily accessible by any credible SEO specialist, and they will need this before they can identify the SEO services your website requires.